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Item :金融地理全球研究网络北京会议(Registeration fee of the 1st FinGeo Global Conference 2019 at BNU)报名已结束


Conference themes will include (but will not be limited to) the following:

The causes, mechanisms and consequences of financialization, and their spatiality
Financial instability and crises in space and time
Geographies of fintech and internet finance
Geo-politics and political geography of finance
International financial centers
Global financial networks
Financing and regional development
Infrastructure finance
Financing the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)
Offshore financial centers and tax havens

Present and future of RMB internationalization
Sustainable finance
Financial inclusion and exclusion
Finance, innovation and entrepreneurship
Geographies of debt
Microfinance and development
The finance–real estate nexus
Financial and business services complex
Geography of financial markets (bank, venture capital and et al.)